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10965 National Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States

We launched the True Connection Clothing Line in 2015, in high hopes of creating a new nonprofit business model with our own exclusive collection of athletic-comfy and bo-ho-chic wear. We are proud to say that 100% of our net profits go directly to our programs that focuses on building stronger values and mindfulness education with youth, making each purchase stand with a purpose. Our line is heavily influenced by positive messaging and comfort. When you chose to wear True Connection, you are joining a family of advocates that give mobility to the important message of connecting with yourself, family, community, and society. Welcome to #purposefulpurchases, let's wear our change.

Make a Connection

Our mission is to create universal practices of connection to empower the youth in creating stronger communities.

True Connection is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California that serves as an educational and awareness platform to support mental wellness. We use creative arts to empower individuals to conversate and express. Educating the heart through art by experiential activities, fun projects, an array of meditations, and guidance towards mental wellness.


We have created a 24 week curriculum that aims to instill values, non-traditional conversations, meditations, and practices outlined by our four universal commitments. Adopted by schools and organizations in support of youth mindfulness.

We share our personal stories of child adversity and set up art and activities for students to participate and experience the power of art, meditation, and conversation. Offered by presentations, assemblies, or workshops.

Creating fun and engaging gatherings offline and online to celebrate, educate, and create ample awareness on health and wellness. We love partnering with other organizations and find ways to share the universal values together.

We defined four universal commitments: 
Self | Family | Community | Society



Your purchase through True Connection's retail site returns 100% of the net proceeds BACK to our programs benefiting preteens and teens! 

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